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Critiques, even negative ones, are awesome. But if you've got something not-nice to say, it'd be helpful if you had some advice to go along with it. "You suck and your character sucks" isn't only unhelpful, it's just plain rude.

Comments are screened for your privacy; anonymous comments are welcome. ♥
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Comment with your character's name in the subject line (and preferably with that character's journal as well!) and I'll respond with a color, some symbols, and maybe some tl;dr. Ideally as the game progresses and CR builds, I'll add new comments with new colors and feelings and such.

h a t e ↔ Not as common as you might think
d i s l i k e ↔ It's pretty self-explanatory
a c q u a i n t a n c e ↔ Never made a real impression (default)
a m u s e m e n t ↔ Better than nothing
i n t e r e s t ↔ On the radar
l i k e ↔ As good as it gets
l o v e ↔ Impossible

- Threat || - Distrust || - Uncertain || - Annoying
- Trust || - Invested || - Friend

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So who wants to do a

Loki and Crowley have recently made each other's acquaintence, and in the course of getting to know one another, they have descovered a mutual love of horrible shenannigans! As a result, just for funsies, they're going to relocate and swap out the wardrobes of a bunch of TOTALLY RANDOM STRANGERS.

Everything from Character A's biggest, warmest winter coat all the way down to her most secret and private lacy underwear are going to wind up in super manly Character B's closet and/or dresser. And if Character A went to sleep wearing a pink, lacy, delicate little nightie, then that is what Character B is going to wake up wearing. All of B's super manly clothes will be transferred to C, C's will go to D's, and then on in a circle until Z's clothes wind up in A's room.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy and/or your character(s) will hate, comment to this post to sign up! If you would like for your character's clothes to go to a specific character, or if you would like for your character to receive a specific character's clothes, let us know in the comment and we'll see what we can wrangle.

We'll be posting a follow-up with a tentative list of who gets whose next Wednesday on the 29th, and finalizing things from there to begin the actual swap on Saturday the 3rd. Depending on how characters react and get themselves sorted out, we may or may not do an official 'wrap up' post sometime in the following week.
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Character name: Anthony J. Crowley
Fandom: Good Omens
Timeline: After the Apocalypse that Wasn't.
Age: Older than sin.

Abilities and Strengths: Crowley is a demon - an angel who didn't fall so much as saunter vaguely downward. As such, he has many neat powers, most notably the ability to become instantly sober after consuming large amounts of alcohol, no actual physical need to breathe, eat, or sleep (though he takes guilty pleasure in doing all those things), the intensely useful ability to make any piece of clothing vanish and reappear at will, and an unusual gift for terrifying houseplants into the peak of health.

He can also bend the reality around him to his will and miracle dead animals (and humans, presumably) back to life. He doesn't do this very often, though, because too much supernatural interference on his part is likely to be noticed and commented upon by The Folks Downstairs.

Appearance: Crowley appears to be a young man in his 20's. He's tall, with dark hair and good cheekbones. He tends to favor stylish, expensive designer clothing (black), of the variety that screams "worth more money than you make in a year." He's never seen without his sunglasses, which hide his eyes - yellow and slit-pupiled like a snake's - from view.

Background/Personality: Despite common belief, it wasn't the devil who tempted Eve to sin, it was a little green snake called Crawly. Crawly has since changed his name and slithered out of the Garden of Eden, grown some legs and a killer fashion sense, but he's still somewhat snakey at heart.

He's spent the past six thousand years on earth, watching humanity and butting heads with an amiable if stubborn angel who simply won't allow him to tempt as he pleases. Not that Crowley minds too much these days. Their association had always been fairly pleasant, even before he Fell, so he doesn't begrudge the thwarting of his wiles as much were it possibly some other angel doing said thwarting.

Most recently, Crowley and his angel pal extended a rather large effort in an attempt to prevent the Apocalypse. They went to a lot trouble in this attempt, which turned out to be completely wasted because the Anti-Christ very sensibly talked the hosts of Heaven and the hordes of Hell out of their little war and sent everyone on their merry way.

Now, according to Certain Sources, Crowley is sharing a cottage with a certain Angel somewhere in the South Downs...or at least, so rumor has it.

Despite his demonic nature, Crowley is actually a pretty decent guy, though he can be kind of an ass. It comes with the territory. His job is to incite sin, after all, and after six thousand years of successfully exercising his wiles on more sinfully inclined humans, it's only natural that he'd become a little cynical. And honestly, when given half an opportunity to encourage sin and chaos, he's going to take it. After six thousand years, it's practically second nature.

3rd person sample: It figured, didn't it? After all the trouble he'd gone through to save humanity (ungrateful bastards, the lot of them) from Armageddon, they'd had to go and blow themselves up. Bloody typical. Well. See if he ever did anything nice for them again. That'd teach them a lesson.

Crowley had floated around in space for a while, watching the wreckage of the planet disperse unto the cosmos. When that became boring, he'd looked around a bit for Aziraphale, but found a bloody big space station instead. Probably the angel had been inconveniently discorporated and returned Upstairs at the time of the planet's untimely demise, which sucked for him. Considering the planet had been blown up on his watch, as it were, he'd probably be in shit up to his neck, or the heavenly equivalent thereof. Even if he were granted a new body (bloody unlikely considering their little stunt at Armageddon), there was no Earth for him to return to. So the angel was stuck there, and Crowley was stuck here.

With a little luck, though, here might not turn out to be so bad. He just needed to get really, really drunk, and then things ought to be fine~

1st person sample: "Mostly Harmless," huh? Pft. Give a man a free will and he'll use it to build himself a nuke so large he can blow up the planet. And then he'll blow up the planet.

Well, I guess it's "mostly harmless" now. Not a whole lot a bunch of free-floating atoms and chunks of random matter can do on their own, unless they take up the notion to get together to harass an unrelated group of atoms and chunks of random matter. Bloody creation. Never does what you expect it to. I still can't tell if it’s a design flaw or ineffability. They both seem pretty sketchy to me.

Oh, well. Not like there's anything I can do to change it, even if I wanted to. At least there's a bar here, and the food is decent.


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