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Anthony J. Crowley ([personal profile] saunteredvaguely) wrote2009-09-22 09:20 pm
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you are so awesome, omg. ♥ I'm going to take quite a few of these and credit you. Thank you so much!

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Just for that I'll post like a devil today. :x

Hey, is Crowley going to be on the penguin disaster?

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Haha, I think if Crowley woke up as a penguin he'd be like, "What the fuck is this shit" and change himself back to how he's supposed to look. Gon will be a fuzzy penguin chick, though. Haven't decided about the other two yet. ^^

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Hahahahaha. That userpic always throws me for a loop! XD

That's awesome! Aziraphale might wait a bit, realize he CANNOT EAT SUSHI if he doesn't have hands and change back to himself. Wolfram will be the angriest penguin ever.

sadjhfdgjghjghj Aziraphale is rooming with Lucifer. Dear god.