23 February 2010

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So who wants to do a

Loki and Crowley have recently made each other's acquaintence, and in the course of getting to know one another, they have descovered a mutual love of horrible shenannigans! As a result, just for funsies, they're going to relocate and swap out the wardrobes of a bunch of TOTALLY RANDOM STRANGERS.

Everything from Character A's biggest, warmest winter coat all the way down to her most secret and private lacy underwear are going to wind up in super manly Character B's closet and/or dresser. And if Character A went to sleep wearing a pink, lacy, delicate little nightie, then that is what Character B is going to wake up wearing. All of B's super manly clothes will be transferred to C, C's will go to D's, and then on in a circle until Z's clothes wind up in A's room.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy and/or your character(s) will hate, comment to this post to sign up! If you would like for your character's clothes to go to a specific character, or if you would like for your character to receive a specific character's clothes, let us know in the comment and we'll see what we can wrangle.

We'll be posting a follow-up with a tentative list of who gets whose next Wednesday on the 29th, and finalizing things from there to begin the actual swap on Saturday the 3rd. Depending on how characters react and get themselves sorted out, we may or may not do an official 'wrap up' post sometime in the following week.


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