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Anthony J. Crowley ([personal profile] saunteredvaguely) wrote2019-11-25 07:11 pm

CR Chart: Anthony J. Crowley

Comment with your character's name in the subject line (and preferably with that character's journal as well!) and I'll respond with a color, some symbols, and maybe some tl;dr. Ideally as the game progresses and CR builds, I'll add new comments with new colors and feelings and such.

h a t e ↔ Not as common as you might think
d i s l i k e ↔ It's pretty self-explanatory
a c q u a i n t a n c e ↔ Never made a real impression (default)
a m u s e m e n t ↔ Better than nothing
i n t e r e s t ↔ On the radar
l i k e ↔ As good as it gets
l o v e ↔ Impossible

- Threat || - Distrust || - Uncertain || - Annoying
- Trust || - Invested || - Friend

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